Leadsinger Karaoke

The Leadsinger Karaoke system is one of the best new products to come out in the past few years for great family entertainment as well as fun for adult parties. It is a microphone that you can hook up to your tv or stereo or you can just use it as is.It is also upgradeable and some of them hold as many as 3000 songs! If you are looking for some fun or a great gift then I highly recommend the Leadsinger Karaoke system.

One of the more popular Leadsinger Karaoke products is the ET-3000 all in one system. You can buy this for around $140 on amazon or you can shop around for a better price by clicking some of the ads on my site. The product features for the ET-3000 are as follows:

Complete All-in-Microphone Karaoke System
1600 built-in songs
Four expansion slots for additional song chips
On-screen lyrics
Real-time key, pitch and tempo adjustments

The great thing about the Leadsinger Karaoke system is that you can buy the different chips that hold different songs. So you can have a library of thousands of songs just by buying the different chips. They are also pretty inexpensive and very small so they do not take up any room.

They also sell great accessories as well For around $30 you can get the Leadsinger Ipod Karaoke Docking Station. This lets you sync your ipod to your Leadsinger. It is great because you already have a lot of your favorite songs in your ipod so now you can use them with your Leadsinger. It also charges your ipod while it sits in the docking station as well.

I bought one for my daughter a while back and she still uses it a lot. She loves to go up in her room with her friend and sing on the mic for hours at a time. I got it for her birthday I think and it was one of her favorite presents.

I have also used the Leadsinger Karaoke for the few parties that I have had at my house. After everyone gets a few drinks in them and lightens up a little this toy can be very funny and ebtertaining. We still talk about that party to this day because we had so much fun with the thing.

So if you need to get a gift or are just looking to have some fun for yourself or get better at singing then the Leadsinger Karaoke is going to be perfect for you. I have had a lot of fun with mine and I’m sure you will too!